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Please also refer to the notice from the City of Cape Town below:

It is problematic when the Planning Office receive building plans, with approvals from the respective design architects, but which deviates from the relevant Council approved architectural guidelines and development parameters.  This results in huge frustrations and confusion with the property owners, when building plans are submitted for Council’s consideration but then not accepted due to insufficient plans and/or information.  This is not the case for building plans in Oude Westhof.

The current processes with regards to building plan approval for erven within Oude Westhof are in all probability the benchmark in terms of how building plans within areas with architectural guidelines should be considered. The design/architectural rules and guidelines are part and parcel of the conditions set during township establishment in order to create a certain standard of development and/or to mitigate certain impacts.  It is important that these design guidelines/rules and the constitution of the residential estate/development be adhered to.  It is the function of the controlling architect to enforce the architectural rules for each estate/development.  This office wants to commend the Oude Westhof Estate for their compliance with these requirements.

In view of the fact that the potential buyer would be liable (as owner) for all existing building work (constructed by previous property owners) on a property, it is crucial that the potential buyer should in actual fact compare the Council approved building plans with the actual structures on the premises. This is however rarely done.  It is unfortunately impossible for this office to identify all unauthorized building work, especially after an occupation certificate has been issued by the City.  The proses to evaluate the plans prior to property transfers is an ideal way of ensuring that all irregularities are addressed (with the required public participation) prior to transfer to a new owner.

I trust that the above will be of assistance.

You are however welcome to contact the writer at any stage in this regard.

Kind regards

Geraldine van Vuuren

Senior Professional Officer

Directorate: Economic, Environmental & Spatial Planning

Department: Planning & Building Development Management

Northern District

Kraaifontein Municipal Building (1st floor)

Brighton Road,

Kraaifontein, 7560


PO Box 25,

Kraaifontein, 7569

Tel 021 980 6078

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